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Humanities Combating Isolation (2020): Audio Media and New Orientations in the Humanities

Public Humanities, Building Publics

May 13, 2020

This week’s Building Publics: Humanities Combating Isolation (2020) explores how audio media can expand the contours and questions that define humanistic work, particularly in the context of teaching. Fellows presenting their work are Milan Terlunen and Olivia Branscum, editors of the How to Read podcast.

Milan Terlunen studies British, French and German literature at Columbia University. His research is on the history of the plot twist in nineteenth-century literature.

Olivia Branscum is a graduate student of philosophy at Columbia University, where she works on under-appreciated early modern and medieval thinkers. She is particularly interested in how they explain situations where the boundaries between people and objects get blurred.

With guests Michelle E. Wilson and Sierra Eckert.