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Building Publics: Humanities Combating Isolation Spring 2020 Series Overview and Schedule

Fellows, Public Humanities Fellows, Public Humanities, Humanities in Practice

March 15, 2020

Re-conceived amidst the early pandemic lockdown, this virtual series on public engagement showcased the yearly work of the 2019-2020 SOF/Heyman Public Humanities Graduate Student Fellows. Each week, fellows spoke about the origins of their projects and their commitment to break out of academic silos. They also described the challenges posed by the sudden closure of public spheres: despite this unprecedented isolation, they found themselves rather well-equipped to tackle the urgencies facing both the broader publics and higher education in such critical times.

Over the course of six weeks, we heard about podcasting and mapping as technologies that can help tell new stories and reach new audiences; about how Google Forms can reinvent a Metropolitan Museum exhibition to help Latinx youth communities build narratives of self-representation; and about the racial inequities of the digital divide. In explaining their projects, fellows reflected on how public humanities work helps reimagine the humanities and, with it, a more just future.


Wednesday, May 13th 2020 Zoom | 4:00 pm EDT
Audio Media and New Orientations in the Humanities
Milan Terlunen and Olivia Branscum with guests Michelle E. Wilson and Sierra Eckert

Wednesday, May 20th 2020 Zoom | 4:00 pm EDT
Podcast as Research
Milan Terlunen and Olivia Branscum

Wednesday, May 27th 2020 Zoom | 4:00 pm EDT
Walking, Mapping, and Reimagining the Environment
Scot McFarlane with Wright Kennedy

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020 Zoom | 4:00 pm EDT
Multilingual Youth as Curators
Alexandra Méndez

Wednesday, June 10th 2020 Zoom | 4:00 pm EDT
New Pedagogies in Justice
Erin Petrella and Meadhbh McHugh

Wednesday, June 17th 2020 Zoom |4:00 pm EDT
New Pedagogies in Climate
Akua Banful