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Susan Layton

Research Associate, CERCEC - Centre d'Etudes des mondes russe, caucasien et centre-européen

Fellow, Society of Fellows, SOF/Heyman, Columbia University (1981–1983)

Headshot of Susan Layton

Susan Layton is a research associate at the CERCEC in Paris. She is the author of Russian Literature and Empire: Conquest of the Caucasus from Pushkin to Tolstoy and numerous articles on nineteenth-century Russian literature. Her recent publications include "Russian Military Tourism: The Crisis of the Crimean War Period," in Turizm, and The Russian and East European Tourist under Capitalism and Socialism, ed. Anne E. Gorsuch and Diane P. Koenker. Her latest book is Contested Russian Tourism: Cosmopolitanism, Nation, and Empire in the Nineteenth Century (Academic Studies Press, 2021), which examines imperial Russian tourism’s entanglement in the vexed issue of cosmopolitanism understood as receptiveness to the foreign and pitted against provinciality and nationalist anxiety about the allure and the influence of Western Europe.