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Muhammad Ali Khalidi

Presidential Professor, Department of Philosophy, City University of New York, Graduate Center

Fellow, Society of Fellows, SOF/Heyman, Columbia University (1991–1993)

Headshot of Muhammad Ali Khalidi

Muhammad Ali Khalidi is Presidential Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate Center City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center. Before that, he was Professor of Philosophy at York University in Toronto. Khalidi, in addition to teaching, is a translator and editor of Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings. He received his B.S. in Physics from American University in Beirut in 1984. He received both his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia in 1987 and 1991, respectively. Khalidi was a professor at American University in Beirut for ten years. He has also taught at the University of Virginia, University of Nevada, and University of Minnesota. Khalidi was a Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow at both the University of Chicago and Columbia University. During his time at Columbia, Khalidi received many graduate school awards including the Whiting Dissertation Fellowship, President’s Fellowship, and the David H. Siff Philosophy of Science Award.

Khalidi’s first book Natural Categories and Human Kinds was published in 2013. In addition, Khalidi was the editor and translator for Medieval Islamic Philosophical Writings. His articles have been featured in a multitude of journals and publications, including, Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Psychology, Mind & Language, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, and International Philosophical Quarterly. In Fall 2022, he published 11 Lives: Stories from Palestinian Exile, a collection of autobiographical essays by 11 Palestinian refugees reflecting on their lives in exile, the meaning of displacement, and the condition of statelessness. His latest book , Cognitive Ontology: Taxonomic Practices in the Mind-Brain Sciences, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2023.