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Lauren Kopajtic

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Fordham University

Fellow, Society of Fellows, SOF/Heyman, Columbia University (2017–2018)

Headshot of Lauren Kopajtic

Lauren Kopajtic received her PhD in Philosophy from Harvard University. Her research explores eighteenth-century moral philosophy and literature, focusing especially on conceptions of self-control and on ways of understanding the role of the emotions in our ethical lives. She also has research interests in ancient philosophy and in the intersections between philosophy and literature. Her current project examines sentimentalist conceptions of self-control, conceptions that find sentiments and emotions—and not reason—to be the regulatory forces in human psychology. This project traces such conceptions of self-control from the philosophical theories of David Hume and Adam Smith through to the literature of Jane Austen. She is the author of “Cultivating Strength of Mind: Hume on the Government of the Passions and Artificial Virtue,” which is forthcoming in Hume Studies.