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Katja Vogt

Professor, Department of Philosophy, Columbia University

Governing Board Member, SOF/Heyman, Columbia University (2009–2012)

Headshot of Katja Vogt

Katja Vogt is the Chair of the Classical Studies Graduate Program at Columbia University, where she is also a Professor of Philosophy. She received her MA and DPhil from München (HfP and LMU) in 1992 and 1997, after which she completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen from 1998-2000. Professor Vogt specializes in ancient philosophy, ethics, and normative epistemology, and is especially interested in questions of value, knowledge, and living well. She is a recipient of the Distinguished Columbia Faculty Award. Her books include Belief and Truth: A Skeptic Reading of Plato (Oxford University Press 2012); Law, Reason, and the Cosmic City: Political Philosophy in the Early Stoa (Oxford University Press 2008); and Skepsis und Lebenspraxis: Das pyrrhonische Leben ohne Meinungen (Alber 1998).