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SOF Fellow Emma Shaw Crane awarded the 2022 Annette Kolodny Prize

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October 30, 2023
Photograph of hundreds of pink flower arrangements in pink flower pots sitting on cinderblocks

Society of Fellows's Emma Shaw Crane was awarded the 2022 Annette Kolodny Prize, given by the American Studies Association's Environmental Justice Caucus, and awarded to the best environmentally-themed paper presented at the annual American Studies Association Meeting.

Excerpt from the announcement:

The Annette Kolodny Prize Committee of the ASA Environmental Justice Caucus is proud to announce the winners of the 2022 Kolodny Prize for Best Environmentally-Themed Paper at the Annual ASA Meeting: Emma Crane and Carlos Alonso Nugent. These two winners presented deeply researched and theoretically sensitive papers about places produced by war and colonial border conflict.

Emma Shaw Crane for “Lush Aftermath: Labor, Landscape, and War in the Suburb”

Emma Shaw Crane’s paper situates us in Homestead, Florida, home to a military base, a detention camp for migrant children, and a military Superfund site: a place “produced by war,” as Crane writes. Crane connects these martial sites with their unlikely near neighbors: ornamental plant and palm nurseries staffed largely by Maya migrants from Guatemala. Deploying theories of racism by Ruth Wilson Gilmore and Jodi Melamed, Crane explores the suburb of Homestead, Florida as a constellation of sites that seem separate but are in fact intimately connected as products of war. Working from extensive ethnographic research, Crane argues that landscapes of war need to be understood as both “ruinous, destructive, and disordered” and also as “ordered, lucrative, and lush.”