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LAIC students organize event sponsored by SOF/Heyman


March 20, 2024

Graduate students in the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures (LAIC) organized a three-day event using funds granted as part of the SOF/Heyman's graduate professionalization initiative.

The event, "Debates & Practices of the Feminist Archive: An Iberian & Transatlantic Mediation," runs March 20, 21, and 22, and invites current LAIC students to engage in person with the transhistorical relevance and mediation of feminist archives, including the Lesbian Herstory Archives and the Interference Archive.

Description from the organizers

Debates and Practices of the Feminist Archive: an Iberian and Transatlantic Mediation invites the undergraduate and graduate student body at the Latin American and Iberian Cultures department to navigate the transhistorical relevance and mediation of feminist archives. By applying a transatlantic approach dialoguing New York City-based and Spain-based activist archives, this professionalization event aims to provide a first approach to the archival spaces and archivist force rendering the memory of feminist movements openly available through time. Conceived as a three-part workshop series, this initiative seeks to interrogate the spatial, material, and affective nature of feminist archives, the professional/formal/informal practices behind them; and the shifting continuity of their political debates.

To this endeavor, we will have the participation of Araceli Pulpillo (Piedra Papel Libros, Spain), Olivia Newsome (Lesbian Herstory Archives, Brooklyn), and Yifan Xia (Interference Archive, Brooklyn) through a combination of conversations and in-person visit to archives. The schedule of the workshop will be as follows:

  • March, Wednesday 20th, 4-6 pm: Conversation between Araceli Pulpillo and Olivia Newsome. Location: Casa Hispánica, room 201.
  • March, Thursday 21st, afternoon: 1:30-3:30 pm: In-Person Visit to Lesbian Herstory Archives. 4-6 pm: In-person visit to the Interference Archive (20-minute walk from each other).
  • March, Friday 22nd, 4-6 pm: Workshop: Collective Archival Creation. Location: Casa Hispánica, room 206.

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