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Heyman Center Fellow Stefan Andriopoulos publishes new article

Fellows, Heyman Center Fellows

November 22, 2023
Cover image of issue 93 of Grey Room

Current Heyman Center Fellow Stefan Andriopoulos's article, "Rumor and Media: On Circulations and Credence (via Kant and Marx)," has been published in the Fall 2023 issue of Grey Room. The work adopts a historical perspective on how the introduction of new technologies has increased the circulation and acceptance of rumors and disinformation, from Gutenberg's printing press to X and TikTok. The text develops a general argument on the intimate link between rumor, credence, and new media forms, but also analyzes Marx's Communist Manifesto as a successful response to a surge of disinformation in nineteenth-century print media. In doing so, Andriopoulos aims to draw lessons on how to counter the circulation of "falsehoods in social media" today.

A link to the open-access article can be found here.