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Richard Roderick

Program Coordinator, Justice-in-Education Initiative, SOF/Heyman, Columbia University

Headshot of Richard Roderick

Richard, is the Program Coordinator for the Justice-in-Education Initiative and a Community Outreach Fellow. He holds a BA in Sociology from Pitzer College and plans to pursue his doctorate degree in Sociology, with a focus on the nexus between our Public Education System and the Criminal Justice System.

He is also one of the featured persons in the 2014 documentary, Cooler Bandits. The film follows the unfathomable journeys of three of his friends and himself as they cope with the harsh realities of prison life, its impact on their families and friendship, and their struggle to reintegrate back into a world that is vastly different from the one they left nearly 20 years ago.

In his free time Richard enjoys reading, writing, and exploring his new found home of New York City.