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Register Now for Mayo Clinic Humanities in Medicine Symposium 2021

Public Humanities, Medical Humanities

August 26, 2021

Mayo Clinic Humanities in Medicine Symposium 2021
Engaging Across Disciplines: Toward a Practice of Transdisciplinarity

September 17-18, 2021 with additional dates through October 9, 2021

For more information and to register online

Registration fee for all - $250
Student rate $50

The symposium is designed to engage healthcare and health humanities professionals, including physicians, nurses, healthcare administrators, healthcare educators, researchers, allied health professionals, artists, expressive arts therapists, students, social workers, chaplains, family and professional caregivers, veterans services professionals.

The complex problems faced in medicine and society require moving beyond discipline-based learning. A practice of transdisciplinarity asks us to be comfortable with an active exploration in an intellectual space that may exceed our extant cognitive capacities but can result in new understandings and innovative, previously unimagined solutions.

Our virtual Symposium schedule departs from the traditional schedule of an in-person conference, and is designed to maximize flexibility and avoid Zoom fatigue for participants. We have shortened the length of the days to better accommodate attendees in different time zones, and we have chosen to offer clusters of sessions over a period of 3 weeks. Registrants are encouraged to attend as many sessions as their schedule allows with the assurance that:

  1. All conference sessions are included in the registration fee
  2. No pre-registration is necessary for workshops and performances

This annual gathering showcases best practices and research related to the Health Humanities.