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Opportunity: Global Humanities Institute 2023


May 25, 2023
Statues of Buddha and Ambedkar

The Institute for Comparative Literature and Society invite early career scholars to apply for the CHCI Global Humanities Institute on Global Racisms, Cold War Humanism and the Imaginations of Just Futures, which will take place December 10-22, 2023, and will be hosted at the CSDS, Delhi.

Applications are due June 1, 2023.

Official Call

This Global Humanities Institute draws on the strong transnational resonance of the Black Lives Matter movement and the compelling responses of global communities across distinct demographics and colonial histories to reflect more broadly on the global reach and relevance of humanistic scholarship on the study of subaltern pasts. The main institute meeting will be in Delhi, India from December 10-22, 2023.

ICLS invite applications from Early Career Scholars based in a range of humanities disciplines including, but not limited to, environmental humanities, anthropology, audio-visual arts, creative and performing arts, cultural studies, digital humanities, Indigenous and ethnic studies, film studies, gender studies, geography, health humanities, history, law, literature, peace studies, philosophy, and religious studies.

ICLS hopes to inspire a global network of early-career researchers invested in the theme of the institute who will then remain in communication and collaborate with each other into the future. ICLS is committed to assembling a diverse and inclusive community. To that end, ICLS especially encourages applications from members of underrepresented groups and the Global South.

Application Requirements: An applicant must be either an advanced graduate student (in or near candidacy) or within ten years of receiving a Ph.D. (and, if working at a university with a tenure system, non-tenured). The competition is open to anyone from anywhere in the world whose universities are affiliated with CHCI. Direct affiliation with a Center is not necessary, only affiliation with the home institution housing a Center is required.

(Please note: Interested scholars from universities not currently affiliated with CHCI are encouraged to inquire into possibilities of institutional affiliation.)

Successful applicants will have their travel to, accommodation, and food at the Institute fully funded, with the expectation that they will participate actively in the Institute, with arrival and departure slated for December 9 and Dec 23 respectively.

Applicants must commit to engage in and contribute to every aspect of the Institute, attending all sessions throughout the entire Institute. Participants who are not able to travel to India will be expected to participate in all activities that are accessible virtually and will receive a modest per diem.

Applications have three components: (1) a statement of no more than a thousand (1000) words that demonstrates a sustained interest in the themes of the Institute; (2) a CV of no more than three pages; and (3) either a brief travel budget so that we can estimate aggregate cost or a statement that expresses a preference for virtual participation.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and should be submitted as soon as possible. The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2023.

Applications should be submitted to Dr. Anupama Rao, Director, Institute for Comparative Literature and Society. Please put “Global Racisms GHI 2023 Application” in the subject line of your email and send it to [email protected]. Questions may be submitted to the same email address. Please use the same subject header, preceded by “Query About” when you do.

More information here.