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Nicole Callahan Awarded The Core Preceptor Award for Teaching Excellence

Public Humanities, Justice-in-Education

July 20, 2016

The Committee on the Core student selection committee stated “From a talented pool of preceptors, we selected Nicole Callahan for the Graduate Student Core Preceptor Award for excellency in teaching Contemporary Civilization. Professor Callahan had a clear understanding of the power of the Core and spoke about invaluable frameworks through which students could engage with the Core beyond the classroom. She combined an amiable demeanor with an expert professionalism, and she facilitated student discussion that frequently incorporated larger themes from the course. Professor Callahan also makes her students a priority, from setting aside time on the weekend for extra office hours to posting up-to-date grades on Courseworks. Her glowing teaching evaluations demonstrate that she has connected with each of her students on a personal level and that she has inspired critical engagement with the texts and an appreciation for the Core Curriculum."