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Columbia News highlights Kailani Acosta's work and exhibition

In the News

March 27, 2024
Map of the gulf of Mexico and deep South

In their Notebook feature, Columbia News recently profiled and interviewed Kailani Acosta. The SOF/Heyman was proud to co-sponsor Bridging the Gulf: Intersections of Geology, Biology, and Environmental Justice, Kailani Acosta's recent spring 2024 exhibition, and congratulates her on this recent profile.

The Gulf of Mexico is an interesting study region because it is the confluence of two extremely different ecosystems: the freshwater Mississippi River system and the marine Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River basin has been greatly impacted by nutrient addition from agriculture (fertilizers and pesticides have lots of nitrogen and phosphorus), industry, sewage treatment, and other anthropogenic sources. On the other side, the marine Gulf of Mexico has a lot lower concentrations of nutrients, different biology, and strong currents and physical drivers. The intersection of physical, chemical, and biological factors in this region makes it really exciting to study.

Notebook is a Columbia News series that highlights just some of the many fascinating students who study at our University. You can read the entire profile, "Researching the Oceans, From the Gulf of Mexico to Madagascar," here.