Writing the Brazilian Telenovela: A Discussion and Q&A with João Emanuel Carneiro

General Programming

  • School of the Arts | Film
  • Columbia Global Centers | Rio De Janeiro
  • Columbia Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures

João Emanuel Carneiro is one of Brazil's most prolic and acclaimed storytellers across all audiovisual media. Following the success of his adapted screenplay for the 1998 Academy Award nominated feature Central do Brasil, Carneiro ably transitioned to the small screen, writing for several of Brazil's most popular television series before creating the ground-breaking Brazilian telenovela Avenida Brasil.

Since airing in 2012, Avenida Brasil has been shown in more than 130 countries, and has been nominated for numerous awards, including an International Emmy in 2013. The drama, as widely popular as it was hailed by critics, came to mark a turning point in the way audiences conceived of a genre previously thought of simply as mass entertainment.

In conversation with Richard Peña, Professor of Film Studies in the School of the Arts Film Program, and Ana Paulina Lee, Professor of Luso-Brazilian Studies in the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures, Carneiro will discuss his experience in the lm and television industry in Brazil, reecting in particular on the international appeal of his work. He will address the challenges of today's globalized media, as well as the role played by issues of class, race, and gender when writing for a popular audience.

This program will be conducted in English.