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What is Journal Work?

General Programming

dateSeptember 16, 2016 timeFriday, 1:00pm–6:30pm EDT location Barnard Hall, Sulzberger Parlor, Barnard College
  • Small Axe
  • Office of the Dean of Humanities
  • Department of Anthropology
  • David Scott
Bolded text that reads "What Is Journal Work?"

This year, 2016, Small Axe turns twenty years old. And this year too, our fiftieth issue was published. We are not big on celebrations, it is true, but to mark the occasion we are organizing a roundtable conversation around the theme “What Is Journal Work?” We have invited editors (or founders) of notable journal platforms to help us think about the distinctive work (in all its dimensions) of journals in intellectual and artistic innovation and intervention. What is the function of journal work in the present? What is the relation between journal work and “fields” or “disciplines” of intellectual, political, and aesthetic practice? Are journals really necessary for intellectual and artistic production and circulation? Is journal work itself an intellectual and artistic exercise? What is the relation between journals and their publishers or, indeed, between journals and their editors? And what is the relation between these and the university setting in which their work often takes place? What is the relation between a journal and its audience? What are the appropriate issues to navigate around the question of print versus digital format for doing journal work? How are the debates and technologies that go under the name “digital humanities” altered the conditions of intellectual and artistic existence of journals? These are only a few of the possible questions that emerge in relation to journal work.

The afternoon will unfold in two parts. In part one we will have a roundtable conversation. In part two we will have a number of people speak about the contribution of Small Axe over the twenty years of its existence.

To access the LIVESTREAM, click here.

Part 1: Roundtable Program

Welcome: Vanessa Pérez-Rosario, managing editor, Small Axe

Opening Remarks: David Scott, Small Axe

Roundtable, What is Journal Work?

Moderator: Vanessa Agard-Jones, Small Axe, Souls

Louis Chude-Sokei, The Black Scholar

Lowell Fiet, Sargasso

Kaiama L. Glover and Alex Gil, sx: archipelagos

Sean Jacobs, Africa is a Country

Kelly Baker Josephs, sx salon

Patricia Saunders, Anthurium

Ashwani Sharma, darkmatter

Kuan-Hsing Chen, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movements

Part 2: Small Axe Celebration
3:45 - 5:15pm

Moderator: Nijah Cunningham, coordinator, Small Axe Project

Hazel Carby, Yale University

Silvio Torres-Saillant, Syracuse University, Latino Studies Journal

Brent Hayes Edwards, Columbia University

5:20pm Closing remarks: David Scott

Click here for more information. To access the LIVESTREAM, click here.

  • Vanessa Agard-Jones Assistant Professor of Anthropology Columbia University
  • Louis Chude-Sokei Professor, Department of English University of Washington
  • Lowell Fiet Professor University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras
  • Kaiama L. Glover Professor of French Barnard College
  • Sean Jacobs Assistant Professor of International Affairs The New School of Public Engagement
  • Kelly Baker Josephs Associate Professor, English City University of New York
  • Patricia Saunders Associate Professor University of Miami
  • Ashwani Sharma Principal Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences University of East London
  • Kuan-Hsing Chen Professor National Chiao Tung University
  • Yolanda Wood Professor University of Havana
  • Hazel Carby Charles C. and Dorothea S. Dilley Professor of African American Studies Yale University
  • Silvio Torres-Saillant Dean's Professor in the Humanities Syracuse University
  • Brent Hayes Edwards Professor of English and Comparative Literature Columbia University
  • Alex Gil Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Humanities and History Division of the Libraries Columbia University