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  • MA Program in American Studies, Center for Study of Ethnicity and Race
  • Tow Center for Digital Journalism

"Race and New Media" is a panel discussion of identity and new digital publishing formats. It features academics (Minh-Ha T. Pham of Pratt University and Susan E. McGregor of Columbia) and editors of online magazines (Lisa Lucas of Guernica and Ayesha Siddiqi of the New Inquiry). The panelists will be speaking about their own experience building careers online as well as their sense of the way race works in the new media landscape.

To guarantee admission, please RSVP here. For more information, please contact Matt Sandler at [email protected].

Presented by the MA Program in American Studies, the Center for Study of Ethnicity and Race, and the Tow Center for Digital Journalism.

Speaker Bios:

Lisa Lucas is the publisher of Guernica magazine. She has served as the director of education at Tribeca Film Institute and consulted for various non-profit arts and cultural organizations, including Sundance Film Festival, San Francisco Film Society, and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Lisa is also co-chair of the non-fiction committee for the Brooklyn Book Festival. You can find her on Twitter @likaluca.

Ayesha Siddiqi is Editor-in-Chief of The New Inquiry and a writer based in New York. She has been the editor of BuzzFeed Ideas, and she tweets @pushinghoops.

Minh-Ha Pham is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate Program in Media Studies at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Before arriving to Pratt, she was an Assistant Professor of Visual Studies and Asian American Studies at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. An interdisciplinary scholar, her research focuses on the structural forces of race, gender, and class shaping contemporary fashion media technologies, discourses, and practices. She's taken up these themes in studies of personal style blogs, virtual fitting rooms, holographic fashion models, fashion design, the digital fashion archive, and in her most recent work, fashion copyright talk and copynorms. Her first book, Asians Wear Clothes on the Internet: Race, Gender, and the Work of Personal Style Blogging, is forthcoming from Duke University Press. It provides a structural analysis of personal style blogging as a digital labor practice that has similarities to and is in some ways continuous with industrial fashion work. Her current research focuses on the politics and economies of race and fashion authorship. In addition to Asians Wear Clothes on the Internet, she is the author of numerous essays published in a wide range of academic journals and mainstream media. Her research has been featured in, among other sites, The New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post.


Susan E. Mcgregor is Assistant Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism & Assistant Professor at Columbia Journalism School, where she helps supervise the dual-degree program in Journalism & Computer Science. She teaches primarily in areas of data journalism & information visualization, with a research interests in digital security, knowledge management and alternative forms of digital distribution. McGregor was the Senior Programmer on the News Graphics team at the Wall Street Journal Online for four years before joining Columbia Journalism School in 2011.

  • Panelist Lisa Lucas Publisher Guernica Magazine
  • Panelist Ayesha Siddiqi Editor-in-Chief The New Inquiry
  • Panelist Minh-Ha Pham Assistant Professor in the Graduate Program in Media Studies Pratt Institute
  • Moderator Susan E. Mcgregor Assistant Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism & Assistant Professor Columbia Journalism School