Preserving Indigenous Knowledge and The Library for Food Sovereignty

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Loren Cardeli is President and Founder of A Growing Culture (AGC), an organization that promotes ecological agriculture in the United States and around the world. A farmer, consultant, and graduate of Warren Wilson College, Loren’s expertise is in sustainable food systems, farmer-led research, and “farmer participation” approaches to extension and outreach. He has a wide-range of experience working with farmers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, having visited over 2,000 farms in more than 30 countries. As a leader in the movement, Loren strives to return farmers to the helm of agricultural development, promoting farmer-led research, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

This lecture will cover effective strategies for working cross-culturally with farmers while simultaneously showcasing innovations of farmers across the globe. In addition, he will highlight processes for dissemination of agricultural knowledge, including AGC’s Library for Food Sovereignty (LFS), a cutting-edge online resource that will collect and democratize farmer-led documentation.

  • Loren Cardeli President and Founder A Growing Culture