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dateJanuary 27, 2014 timeMonday, 6:15pm EST location Buell Hall, East Gallery, Columbia University
Baby hand holding DNA and being held by adult hand

As part of the Disciplines Series: Evaluation, Value, and Evidence, authors Alison Piepmeier, George Estreich, and Rachel Adams take up many of the questions raised in our November 2013 event on "Genes, Children, and Ethics" (featuring Michael Berube, Faye Ginsberg, and Rayna Rapp) in their discussion of "Parenting, Narrative, and Our Genetic Futures." Elizabeth Emens chairs.

  • Alison Piepmeier Associate Professor of English and Director of Women's and Gender Studies Program; author of "Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism" and other works College of Charleston
  • George Estreich Author of "Textbook Illustrations of the Human Body" and "The Shape of the Eye"
  • Rachel Adams Professor of English and Comparative Literature Columbia University
  • Elizabeth Emens Professor of Law Columbia University