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13/13 Seminar Series, Nietzsche

dateJanuary 5, 2017 timeThursday, 10:00am–5:00pm EST location Columbia Global Centers, Paris, Columbia University
  • Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought
  • Columbia Global Centers | Paris

The French philosopher, Sarah Kofman, developed new readings of Nietzsche and Freud, and left us with one of the most trenchant interpretations of Freud on female sexuality. This will be an opportunity to explore her work and her legacy in Paris at the Columbia Global Centers—Europe. The session will be held in Paris, but broadcast for faculty and students in New York City and elsewhere. Bernard E. Harcourt and Daniele Lorenzini will coordinate the session in Paris. Jesús R. Velasco will coordinate the session in New York. Kofman studied with Deleuze and attended Derrida’s seminars, so we will put Derrida’s writings in the background as well.

10h – Accueil

Loren Wolfe (Columbia University) & Christine Valero (Columbia University)

10h15 – Introduction

Daniele Lorenzini (Columbia University/Université Paris 1)

10h30 – Morning Panel

Chair : Bernard E. Harcourt (Columbia University)

Danielle Cohen-Levinas (Université Paris-Sorbonne/Archives Husserl) : Du mépris au soupçon. Sarah Kofman lit Nietzsche

Geneviève Fraisse (CNRS) : « À supposer que la vérité soit femme »…

Mara Montanaro (LEGS, Université Paris 8) : La philosophie comme aporie

12h – Réponses et discussion

13h Déjeuner

14h30 – Afternoon Panel

Chair : Florent Jakob (Columbia University)

Monique Schneider (CNRS) : Le chemin interprétatif conduisant aux « entrailles »

Mathieu Frackowiak : TBC

Elsa Dorlin (Université Paris 8) : TBC

16h – Réponses et discussion

For details and more information, click here.