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Neuroscience and History: What Do We Want the History of Neuroscience to Do?

Past Series, SOF/Heyman Workshops

dateSeptember 18, 2013 timeWednesday, 6:00pm EDT location The Heyman Center, Second Floor Common Room, Columbia University

The Neuroscience and History Working Group talks foster interdisciplinary conversation about the promises and challenges of contemporary neuroscience. We will explore the historical conditions for the emergence of neuroscience as a discipline, as well as the synergies and tensions between historical and neuroscientific modes of explanation. We welcome scholars, clinicians, students, and the interested public.

  • Deborah Coen Professor of History and Chair of History of Science and Medicine Yale University
  • Stefanos Geroulanos Assistant Professor of History New York University
  • Mark Churchland Co-director, Grossman Center for the Statistics of Mind Columbia University
  • Nicolas Langlitz Assistant Professor of Anthropology The New School for Social Research
  • Darcy Kelley Professor of Biological Sciences Columbia University