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Music and Migration Conference

Audibilities Series

Co-organized by Alessandra Ciucci (Department of Music) and Ana María Ochoa (Department of Music)

With the support of:
Office of the Dean of the Humanities (EHESS - Columbia exchange)
The Center for Ethnomusicology
The Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities

Nandini Banerjee-Datta, Columbia University
Alejandra Bronfman, SUNY Albany
Julia Byl, University of Alberta
Alessandra Ciucci, Columbia University
Emily Hansell Clark, Columbia University
Claire Clouet, Basque Anthropological Research Institute
Brigid Cohen, New York University
Denis Laborde, CNRS, EHESS
Andrés García Molina, Columbia University
Nicolas Puig, IRD, CNRS
Adelaida Reyes, New Jersey City University
Althea SullyCole, Columbia University