Material & Institutional Aspects of Field & Discipline Formation

General Programming

  • The Center for Science and Society
  • VolkswagenStiftung
  • Fabian Kraemer
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How do fields, disciplines, and larger formations such as “the sciences” or “the humanities” come into being? What roles do objects, institutions, and materialized concepts play in these processes? These are some of the questions addressed by this two-day exploratory workshop. We are going to tackle them from a variety of perspectives and by bringing different recent research strands together: the study of the material culture of science, of institutions, and of ideas.

The workshop thus aims at bringing fields into dialogue that are more often than not kept neatly separate: the history of science and of humanities, the history of universities, and intellectual history. The contributions are centered around case studies and methodological reflections.

RSVP required. For more information, please visit or contact the workshop organizer, Fabian Kraemer ([email protected]).