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How to Make a Scholarly Podcast: A three-session workshop on podcasting skills

Public Humanities, Humanities in Practice Workshops

dateJanuary 29, 2021 timeFriday, 12:00pm EST locationVirtual Event
  • Free and open to the public
  • First come, first seated
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How to make a scholarly podcast:
A three-session workshop on podcasting skills

Offered by The Public Humanities Initiative at the SOF/Heyman Center.

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Do you listen to podcasts? Have you ever thought about making your own? What about a podcast that connects to your research, studies or academic interests in some way? If so, these workshops are for you!

Podcasts are an exciting medium for presenting academic research. But making a podcast is also itself a new way of doing research, a new way of thinking about a topic. Whether you want to dive deeper into the content of a class you’re taking, present your own research, or feature other people’s scholarship, you’ll understand it differently by making a podcast about it.

While making a podcast has never been simpler on a technological level, the intellectual skills needed to make a scholarly podcast are less obvious but all the more important for success. These workshops will guide you through the intellectual skills needed at each stage of the podcast production process.

No audio recording/editing experience is expected or required. These workshops will focus on non-technological aspects of podcast production, including generating ideas, creating an appropriate episode format, crafting an episode arc and developing a communication style that’s accessible and engaging for your intended audience.

About us: Milan and Olivia are Columbia grad students and the creators of How To Read, a podcast featuring bitesize, accessible conversations on topics such as dancing stars in Hindi cinema, the appeal of crystals through the ages and prejudices about “dirty bodies” in Nigeria. They are SOF/Heyman Public Humanities Fellows, and have been training Columbia undergrad and grad students in podcasting skills for the last 3 years.

Each workshop will be 90 mins, and no preparation is required.

What to do before recording - Fri Jan 29th, 12-1.30pm EST

What preparation or planning do I need to do before recording my first podcast episode?

What to do while recording - Fri Feb 5th, 12-1.30pm EST

What strategies can help me produce the best content?

What to do after recording - Fri Feb 12th, 12-1.30pm EST

What non-technological skills are most important for turning recorded audio into a finished podcast?

Open to all Columbia affiliates, including undergrads, grads, postdocs, faculty, and staff

Registration is free but places are limited so fill out this Google Form to reserve your spot!