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How International, Transnational, and Global History Conquered the World

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How International, Transnational, and Global History Conquered the World

-- A Conference in Honor of Adam McKeown --

Co-Sponsored by Weatherhead East Asian Institute, ISERP, Columbia’s History Department and the Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities

During his all-too short career, Adam McKeown had a major impact on the study of Asia, and helped to reorient “area studies” scholarship to explore cross-regional connections in a more global context. He also changed the way scholars understand migration, especially how legal and regulatory regimes affect -- and are affected by -- the movement of millions of individual people. And he had a lasting influence on how we research and teach international and global history more generally, such as by creating innovative new masters and Ph.D. programs, while at the same time connecting historical scholarship with multiple disciplines, especially sociology and international law. His decision to leave the academy in 2012, when his influence was just beginning to help bring about institutional change, compels us to consider how pressures for professionalization can discourage scholars from undertaking bold and important work.

List of participants:
Guy Alitto, University of Chicago
Kyoungjin Bae, Kenyon College
Lauren Benton, Vanderbilt University
Richard Bulliet, Columbia University
John Chen, Columbia University
Sheetal Chhabria, Connecticut College
David Cook-Martin, New York University Abu Dhabi
Matt Connelly, Columbia University
Andre Kobayashi Deckrow, Columbia University
Martin Fromm, Worcester State University
Aimee Genell, University of West Georgia
Ira Katznelson, Columbia University
Rebecca Kobrin, Columbia University
Ulug Kuzuoglu, Columbia University
Eugenia Lean, Columbia University
Line Lillevik, Columbia University
Andrew Liu, Villanova University
Michael Christopher Low, Iowa State University
Patrick Manning, University of Pittsburgh
Owen Miller, Union College
Jose Moya, Columbia University
Samuel Moyn, Yale University
Jack Neubauer, Columbia University
Mae Ngai, Columbia University
Caterina Pizzigoni, Columbia University
Meha Priyadarshini, University of Edinburgh
Tansen Sen, New York Univeristy, Shanghai
John Straussberger, Florida Gulf Coast University
Eric Tagliacozzo, Cornell University
John Torpey, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Arne Westad, Harvard University
Samuel White, Ohio State University
Bin Yang, University of Macau