Event of Note: WINDOWS ON DEATH ROW: Art From Inside and Outside the Prison Walls

General Programming

Images can trigger conversations, sometimes far better than words. Internationally known political cartoonist Patrick Chappatte and journalist Anne-Frederique Widmann have come together to organize a one of a kind exhibition, entitled WINDOWS ON DEATH ROW: Art From Inside and Outside the Prison Walls.

It features over 60 works of some of the most famous American political cartoonists as well as artworks drawn from a more unlikely source, death row inmates. By presenting a variety of perspectives, from both inside and outside of the prison walls, Chappatte and Widmann hope to stimulate conversation on an issue that touches politics, race, morality, and the question of equality under the law.

The exhibition includes educational materials and interactive displays that allow viewers to engage directly with the complex and challenging subject matter. Using art as a tool for social awareness, it opens a window into an often hidden part of the ongoing conversation about capital punishment - exploring the system through the eyes of the incarcerated. At a moment when our country is becoming ever more polarized regarding racial injustice and economic inequality, these questions that the exhibition raises could not be more timely.

WINDOWS ON DEATH ROW opened at the University of Southern California (USC) Annenberg School of Communication on October 22, 2015. The touring exhibition then moved to UNC Chapel Hill, from January to March 2016. For its international premiere, it was presented in Geneva and Morges, Switzerland, in March 2016, followed by Oslo, Norway, in June 2016, and Delémont, Switzerland, on June 9-11, 2017. It was hosted at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum at Ohio State University from November 2016 to March 2017 and is now on view at the O'Kane Gallery, University of Houston-Downtown, Texas until July 30, 2017. It will open at Columbia School of Law, in New York, on September 19, 2017.