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Event of Note: Dan Hoyle’s “The Real Americans”

General Programming

dateOctober 24, 2016 timeMonday, 7:00pm EDT locationJoe's Pub

Escaping the liberal urban bubble, award-winning playwright and performer Dan Hoyle spent 100 days traveling through small-town America. Living out of his van, he found himself sharing meals and conversations with union coal miners, rural drug dealers, anti-war Veterans, and closeted gay creation theory experts, among others. Hoyle sought to see the world through their eyes, and found himself at ground zero of our country’s growing economic inequality and polarized politics.

Two Obama terms and 350 performances in a dozen cities later, the show is back. Why? Because Donald Trump has made it all wildly relevant again. Come sit with the characters that made THE REAL AMERICANS a runaway hit. With additional material based on travels in Summer 2016 to reconnect with some of the people that inspired the original show.

Columbia staff and students use discount code REAL for $5 off normally priced tickets.

"Mr. Hoyle is both a first-rate reporter and actor." - New York Times

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