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Learn about mass incarceration and the challenges and rewards of working with incarcerated populations. All volunteers working with vulnerable populations, especially incarcerated people, are encouraged to attend. People considering committing to this important work are also invited.

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Justice Ambassadors, Center for Justice

Robert Wright

Ivan Calaff

Jarrell Daniels

The Justice Ambassadors will address the realities of educational programs in correctional facilities, the challenges of reentry, and what success feels like.


Culturally Sensitive Pedagogy - What it is, how to do it

Brianna Baker

Ms. Baker (TC, MA '17) teaches history and civil rights at a public school in the Bronx. She will lead a workshop on liberation pedagogy/culturally sensitive pedagogy.


Trauma and Resiliency - Helping Healing

Patricia Yoon

Taryn Hughes

Dr. Yoon is a clinical psychologist, whose professional interests include integrative treatment approaches to trauma, minority mental health, depression and anxiety, and addictions. Taryn Hughes is Founder of Forest Hughes & Associates which provides compassion fatigue support to professionals exposed to trauma at work. Dr. Yoon and Ms. Hughes will explain how traumatic experiences have impacted sensitive populations, and will lead activities designed to help volunteers help trauma survivors and to cope with the stresses of working with vulnerable populations.



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