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Citizen Subject: A Conversation with Etienne Balibar

General Programming

dateNovember 30, 2016 timeWednesday, 6:15pm EST location The Heyman Center, Second Floor Common Room, Columbia University
  • Institute for Comparative Literature and Society
  • Free and open to the public
  • First come, first seated
Headshot of Étienne Balibar

Etienne Balibar discusses his new book, Citizen Subject, in conversation with Steven Miller, Stathis Gourgouris and Emily Apter.

Citizen Subject constitutes the summation of Étienne Balibar’s career-long project to think the necessary and necessarily antagonistic relation between the categories of citizen and subject. In this magnum opus, the question of modernity is framed anew with special attention to the self-enunciation of the subject (in Descartes, Locke, Rousseau, and Derrida), the constitution of the community as “we” (in Hegel, Marx, and Tolstoy), and the aporia of the judgment of self and others (in Foucualt, Freud, Kelsen, and Blanchot). After the “humanist controversy” that preoccupied twentieth-century philosophy, Citizen Subject proposes foundations for philosophical anthropology today, in terms of two contrary movements: the becoming-citizen of the subject and the becoming-subject of the citizen. Ultimately,Citizen Subject offers a revolutionary rewriting of the dialectic of universality and differences in the bourgeois epoch, revealing in the relationship between the common and the universal a political gap at the heart of the universal itself.

  • Etienne Balibar Visiting Professor of French and Romance Philology Columbia University
  • Respondent Stathis Gourgouris Professor of Comparative Literature Columbia University
  • Respondent Emily Apter Professor of French and Comparative Literature New York University